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did God make us in his image

or did we make him in ours



I almost wish there really was a colossal intergalactic space monster that feasted on humans

No. No no I don’t. Of course not. But you get my meaning.

Barreleyes says, “People are stupid.”

And I’m stunned to hear this come out of her transparent forehead. So stunned I forgot what prompted the blatant hatefulness out of her adorable lips, and yet finally understanding what she meant… after all this time.

Why couldn’t I feel that way when she was still within reach?

There’s no point in looking for her now. Barreleyes is out there, still out there, way out there, trapped in aqua space. Maybe somewhere, someday, I’ll come across her, emerge in my hot pink submarine and she’ll come aboard, treasured and enraptured, to fly away from the anti-gravitational cage of my infinite brain if she isn’t already a fish skull in an atmospheric diving suit by then.

Stigma of tablets/Kindle

The stigma of computers is interesting. Do you ever get the feeling you get treated differently depending on whether you’re carrying a book or a tablet/Kindle? Maybe it’s my own self-consciousness, but I feel like I get treated better at restaurants when I have a hardcopy of a book, than my Kindle. And by “better,” they just seem more… smiley/engaged. But it might just be all in my head.